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Module KĐ Âm Thanh CA-3116 50Wx2

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    Module khuếch đại âm thanh class D sử dụng IC 3116 kênh đôi cho công suất mỗi kênh 50W

2pcs/lot CA-3116 2X50W dual Sound digital amplifier board 24V 100W

10pcs/lot 2X50W dual Sound digital amplifier board 24V 100W Item description:

1, finger size, suitable for small space embedded, output more than 30W need to add heat sink.

2, Boot annoying POP sound.

3, amplifier work no current sound.

Try to enter the wire is not clear. If there is a noise / current sound signal input, the noise signal will be amplified.

4, CS control shutdown current is only 0.4mA. Power-on quiescent current 28mA.

5, high gain amplification (36DB). Very suitable for weak signal amplification, eliminating the need to increase pre-amplifier, reduce costs. Computer audio input amplifier must be changed to 20DB gain use.

6, with output short circuit protection. Troubleshooting immediately resume normal work.

7, a variety of product pins and size is fully compatible

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