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Module UART TTL To RS422 Max490 YL-128

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1. RS422 interface, two-way communication. A B Y Z ultra-long transmission 1000 meters.
2. the module has 15KV ESD protection.
3. increase the board 10 ohm current limiting overcurrent protection resistor.
4. the module with TVS diode. Anti-lightning, anti-spike voltage.
5. the module has 120 ohm termination resistance, can effectively reduce long-distance communication echo interference.
6. a power indicator and data transceiver indicator. Data status panoramic view.
7. the module TTL side using 5v DC power supply RXD TXD compatible 5V logic signal.
8. The module uses high-quality MAX490 chip, stability and communication speed is extremely high, up to 2.5MBPS.
9. the module size: 5.0cm * 2.7cm.

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